I love getting to know my clients so that I know how best to help. But don’t just take my word for it.

Kate Duck copywriting testimonials


I love getting to know my clients so that I know how best to help. But don’t just take my word for it

Kate was one of the presenters for the inaugural Mill House Social Enterprise Accelerator. She provided an easy-to-understand overview of Theory of Change and helped participants develop Program Logic models to understand their performance and communicate their impact to others. Kate is warm, engaging and genuinely interested in getting to know people so that she can see where she can help.

Cindy Mitchell

CEO, Mill House Ventures Ltd

Kate reviewed a social enterprise program for me while I was the CEO for Marymead. Kate’s review provided a high-quality analysis, and the report was at an excellent standard. It provided clarity on the current state and highlighted future opportunities. Following the report, we implemented key recommendations over the next couple of years. Kate was warm and engaging. She got to know program staff, built trusted relationships, and was invited to join the mulch Advisory Committee where she continued to influence the program’s direction.

Camilla Rowland

CEO, Palliative Care Australia

I got to know Kate when she was a presenter/facilitator with the Mill House Social Enterprise Accelerator in 2017, of which my non-profit theatre company, Rebus, was a participant. Kate was really easy going, engaged and interested in helping us shape the narrative about what we do. She was keen to know how we use Forum Theatre in workplace training to present a problem based on lived experience and activate participants to influence outcomes to solve the problems, raising awareness about unconscious bias. 

Kate went above and beyond by combining her understanding of our work with government procurement requirements to help Rebus successfully apply for government preferred supplier status. This has been instrumental in Rebus extending its reach and supporting better workplace outcomes.

Kate is extremely passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated to helping people increase their impact on society.

Ben Drysdale

Creative Producer, Rebus Theatre

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